Brand SolutionsWe work with our clients to define the role of our consultants within the organization. Most engagements with BT+L don’t result in an army of consultants, but, rather, very targeted professional consultants who help internal resources own and execute as much of the work as possible, building ownership and creating quicker results.

We openly share our knowledge, expertise, methodology and frameworks to ensure client independence and sustainability of desired organizational changes.

  • Transformation Roadmapping – Despite all of the change management models and consulting firms, transformation continues to NOT meet expectations 70% of the time.  BT+L has had a very high success rate on corporate transformations due to our holistic approach to the required change.  We understand all of the levers of change and recognize that organizations have limited capacity, so critically diagnosing, targeting, framing, leading, and executing transformations is essential to driving the right change, the right way, without fatiguing the organization.
  • Corporate Operating Model Choices – Many of our clients benefit from our process to clarify corporate operating model choices. Is the corporate strategy, structure and governance optimized as a Holding Company, Federated Company, or Fully Integrated Company?  These choices are critical to informing the strategies, structure, processes, and operational effectiveness of the company. The macro choices around the corporate operating model have implications that need to be understood and managed by the firm’s leadership.  BT+L takes teams through the process of understanding these choices, the top to bottom organizational implications, and the risk and mitigation plans.
  • Strategic Organizational Design – In our experience, org design often starts with leaders independently drawing org charts, titles, and names in boxes. We have lead very successful STRATEGIC restructuring on a global scale, using a process that leads with strategy, engages leaders to ensure alignment and ownership, and clearly builds the capabilities needed to delivery on your strategy and customer value propositions.
  • Dimensions of Culture – BT+L has developed a proprietary cultural assessment that, while tied firmly to the desired results of the business, frames cultural strengths and gaps in the context of business strategy and business language. Dimensions of culture was developed over the last 15 years through applied culture change and transformation initiatives, meta analysis of research and other cultural assessment models, and practical application trial and error.  It is on-line survey based and has quantitative and qualitative aspects.  Dimensions of Culture can be a great tool for leadership team off-sites, annual conferences, and vision/strategy launches.
  • Business Model Canvas – A powerful and proven methodology for end-to-end business model development. These work effectively with business teams to challenge their thinking and ensure holistic views of the business model when planning their organization’s direction, priorities, and investments.
  • Balanced Scorecard – Balanced scorecards are a powerful means to connect strategic clarity to team and individual focus and objectives. Balanced scorecards look at Employee, Organizational, Customer, and Financial results and balances lead and lag indicators, so you can course correct early and quickly as conditions change. A great organizational discipline to launch performance management and create a feedback system for the organization to know how it is executing against strategy and to trigger changes when needed.
  • Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coaching – BT+L has a network of proven professional executive coaches. These coaches have been trained, vetted, and proven to help leaders improve, inspire and lead. We focus on building enterprise leadership, build leaders who can lead transformational change, leaders who collaborate across silos and build value across the firm – not just in their division, region or function.
  • Strategic Human Capital Planning – We have worked on this topic across many projects – macro human capital forecasting and planning, building integrated talent management functions, processes and disciplines; aligning Human Resource functions with evolving/changing business to ensure workforce strategic, processes and practices are aligned; emerging market planning – requiring non-traditional strategies and tactics to talent acquisition, engagement and retention; redesign of talent acquisition and succession planning processes; implementation of workforce analytics and benchmarks to enable effective human capital planning. Read more on Strategic HR…
  • Facilitation & Training – Master facilitators at BT+L are called on for many types of engagement – Conferences, leadership development programs, organizational workouts and conflict resolution, executive team effectiveness and problem solving, organization design and process improvement, Action learning set-up and projects, HR Staff development. True facilitators who know the desired outcomes, have may flexible means to adapt approach as need, keen ability to read audiences and team and adapt to their needs.
  • Executive Team Alignment and Facilitation – We have yet to meet an executive team who has not significantly benefited from our team alignment assessment and facilitated alignment, engagement and leadership effectiveness sessions. We always lead this work in the context of practical working topics the exec team is challenged with – clarifying the challenges, gaining team alignment around solutions, improving relationships, decision making and executive team brand/reputation in their company.
  • Leadership Conferences – Alignment of leadership at the top few levels is essential to drive company performance and growth. We are expert at working with organizations to design and facilitate leadership conferences and ensure sustained momentum and on-going leadership alignment and engagement. We introduce mechanisms to create leadership accountability and effectiveness following conferences to ensure cascade of the right messages in the right way … where real change and transformation begins.
  • Workouts and Interventions – Intra-organizational, Global Executives, Regional/Functional Teams – Third party interventional support is often need on a JIT basis. We bring world class Workout and interventional experience, skill and problem resolution success. We’ve mastered this skill through difficult executive team engagement around strategy and structure alignment to complex global org design projects. These intervention can be quick when an expert workout facilitator is engaged to target the issue, engage the right stakeholders and use proven tool and approaches to align and engage the team.
  • Org Design Methodology Workshops – We believe in transferring our skill and knowledge and developing internal capability to help our clients lead organization design projects. We have found a combination of external experts and internal practitioners is a strong team to cost effectively lead org design work and build internal ownership and accountability for design decisions, implementation and change management through completion.
  • Leadership Competency Models
  • HR Strategic Business Partnering and Consulting Skills – There have been decades of thought leadership, research, books, and workshops…yet HR continues to struggle at gaining a full seat at the table and deliver the HR and Human Capital solutions the business wants and needs. A workshop, book or training event will not build strategic or consultative HR by itself. We take an organizational and action learning approach to aligning and development Business Partner and Center of Excellence professional who partner effectively as a function to best serve the business and clients. Read more on Strategic HR…
  • Mentoring and Business Thought Partnering – Due to our depth and reputation as business savvy, culturally sensitive and influential executives – we often get asked to partner with a new executive to think through complex nuances of the role, challenges in the business, dynamics of the culture and their people. We always come with the business and strategic perspective first, the share our experience, knowledge and insights to support the success of the business leader we are working with. Behind the scenes, on demand, real life experience and success based.
  • Leadership Program Design – We take a different view to leadership program design – we design programs to drive transformational change and success first, then individual leadership development second. Most leadership development is not driven from the perspective of the desired transformational change, desired cultural change and emerging needs of that business/organization’s unique need and challenges. We believe that generic leadership programs may actually work against your transformation efforts, though they may help individual leaders be better in narrow ways. Our best practices in this space have been benchmarked, studied and featured in best practice publications and speaking events.
  • Culture Assessment – Dimensions of Culture is a proprietary culture assessment which uses web technology to gather leadership perspectives on current and future state culture in the context of the companies vision, strategy and/or transformation. Results are in business context and language and provides both quantitative and qualitative feedback. A prioritization function begins the process of identifying the “cultural imperatives” which will target necessary shifts in culture to bring vision, brand, strategy to life and accelerate transformational change.