Nancy Brown-Johnston has over 35 years of experience in Organization Development, Change Management and Training. Her career includes over 30 years working in the automotive industry for General Motors and Saturn Corporation. After retiring from General Motors in 2006, Nancy co-founded TripleWin, an international training and consulting company, with partners in 6 countries. She consults full-time as a consultant, program designer, coach, and facilitator, traveling extensively in her work.

During her career with General Motors, Nancy served as Director of Global Change Management for the Corporation, where she consulted with GM leaders regarding large change projects in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America; these projects involved major cultural, strategic, technical and leadership changes.She also served as lead consultant and coach for Leading Change projects for specific change initiatives in South Korea, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Australia and the United States while developing internal General Motors lead consultants and team coaches. She worked actively with Human Resource and Leadership colleges to define and develop Change Management curriculum for HR professionals and senior leaders. Nancy served as the Director of Training and Organization Development for Saturn Corporation, the car company created by General Motors in 1985 to change the way cars were built and sold in the United States. At Saturn, Nancy oversaw a staff of 40 trainers, consultants, and administrators that served the 7,000 Saturn team members and was a member of the Strategic Action Council, reporting to the President of Saturn. She was also the Director for Saturn Consulting Services, where she managed the marketing and sales of training, workshops and consulting services to more than 200 external customers, including Fortune 500 companies that wanted to learn from Saturn’s innovative processes. In addition to her work with General Motors and Saturn, Nancy has consulted with Delphi Automotive Systems, Magna and HP Switzerland, CogentHMG and Samsung. She published her first book in 2004, The Driving Force: Lessons in Teamwork from Saturn and Other Leading Companies (Xephor Press) and co-authored a second, The POCkit Guide of Experiential Learning in 2007. Nancy is an experienced program designer, consultant, executive coach, speaker and facilitator. She has a Master’s Degree in Organization Development from Bowling Green State University and has been recognized twice as a MOD distinguished graduate.