John SpeakingBT+L Partners provides an integrated, “whole view” approach to your organization’s transformation. Results will not include a strategy binder on the shelf collecting dust. We will help you restructure initiatives with thoughtful considerations of strategy, current capabilities, and culture. We can also help your organization effect a culture change initiative that successfully incorporates the critical elements of strategy, brand promise, leadership, and org design.

Businesses face many changing conditions and on-going pressure to meet short-term results, while building long-term firm value and sustainability. Catalysts of a transformation may be globalization, full integration of previous acquisitions, shifts in market conditions, need to change value proposition and go-to market strategies, talent engagement and bench strength gaps, or responding to unproductive cultures and behaviors.

We have proven success in orchestrating company wide transformations, using an integrated approach. You won’t end up with a strategy binder on the shelf collecting dust. We can help you restructure initiatives, while considering strategy, current capabilities and culture. We can also work with you on a culture change initiative that includes the critical elements of strategy, brand promise, leadership, org design and other key interdependent operations and disciplines.

The components that must be taken into consideration during a successful organizational transformation include:

Strategy Clarification
We are not McKinsey, Bain or BCG, but we are expert at strategy clarification, alignment, and implementation. We joke that we are in the “McKinsey Aftermarket” … we find the million dollar binders on the shelf collecting dust and bring life, clarity, engagement, and tangible plans to implement and achieve the outcomes proclaimed in the recommendations.

Business Model Generation
Working with the “Business Model Canvas,”  developed in Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, we facilitate business model definition.

The Business Model Canvas (pictured below) is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool. It allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model.


Structure & Governance
Structure and governance presents critical strategic choices that affect so many aspects of your business. How you go to market, structure roles, build processes and governance, use your talent, and/or build a targeted culture?

It starts with corporate structure and governance – are you a Holding Company, Group of Federated Companies, or Fully Integrated company? A core strength of BT+L Partners is its experience and unique approach to structure, goverance and organizational design. We have facilitated dozens of executive teams through clear choices about structure, identifying implications and building roadmaps to drive alignment and ownership.

Growth & Acquisition Integration
Acquisitions are typically a growth or scale investment, but the majority of acquisitions to not meet the due diligence expectations.  We provide strategy clarification, organization design, synergy, cost base assessment, governance, and cultural expertise to ensure alignment and realization of the value of the acquisition.

Differentiated Capabilities
Not all capabilities are equal. Your strategy, business model and customer value proposition inform which capabilities ought to be built and how … World Class?  Best in Industry?  Par with Industry? … or eliminated!

Culture, as a competitive differentiator, is often overlooked, not understood or managed from an HR vs. strategic perspective. Our Dimensions of culture will help you define, articulate and lead a cultural transformation that will lead to competitive differentiation.

Leadership & Talent
Leadership and quality talent is often the most noted driver of success or failure of company performance and transformations.  We’ve worked with many organizations to set out the leadership agenda, performance and behavioral expectations, alignment and collaboration

Culture & Change
We view change from three levels – Organization wide culture change; functional, project or initiative change; and Individual change.  Our experience is that most “change experts” only focus on one or two of these, missing the systems view of change.  A full view across the three levels of resistance are necessary to drive results. Our view of corporate culture, initiative and individual change is integrated and proven to accelerate your results.

Strategic HR
Human Resources is a critical function to the growth, intangible value, and transformation of any firm.  Culture and Human Capital is instrumental in a company’s success, but despite decades of thought leadership, books, training…many HR functions continue to struggle at becoming significant contributors to the business’s success. Read more …