American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Excellence in Practice Citation

ASTD_Award_Photo_webWhen InterContinental Hotels anticipated a split from its parent company, it was unprepared to stand alone as a public entity. Its strategic direction was unclear and the global business environment was turbulent. The company was also in financial trouble: profit margins were down 30 percent, costs were out of line, and the stock was losing money. The organization was deteriorating and a threat of an unfriendly takeover was in the air.

Officials knew that a massive overhaul of the global organization was needed. Senior management aligned itself with a redefined strategy and an integrated, top-line structure. Units redesigned all of their major functions in alliance with that new strategy, while teams identified and reduced or eliminated any costs that did not support it. Training for all employees focused on planning, implementing, and building on change.

The result of the revamping is a strategically refocused company that survived the de-merger and defeated a hostile takeover. Employees’ roles and decision-making processes are now streamlined, rather than ambiguous. Company culture has been energized by significant improvements in the work environment and newly inspired confidence in leaders. The company has improved financially, too. Costs are down 30 percent, while stock prices have nearly doubled.

World HRD Congress

HRD-World-Congress_webBT+L Partners President John Nelson spoke at the 2010 World HRD Congress and received two awards: Outstanding Contribution to Global HR and Pride in the Human Resources Profession


Best Practice Institute (BPI)


John Nelson is a founding member of the Best Practice Institute’s Sr. Executive Board and is in his sixth year with this selective group of global leaders.

The BPI Senior Executive Board is a highly selective group of executives from leading global organizations such as GlaxoSmithKline, Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, Wal-Mart, HP, Aramco, TIAA CREF, Ingersoll Rand, NYSE Euronext, and more. The Board offers a unique networking and benchmarking experience that allows for deep relationship building, strategic networking, and long-term partnerships and alliances between and among organizations.

BPI Senior Executive Board Members manage the most pressing strategic change, learning, and talent management initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. Over 42,000 global leaders take part in BPI’s online learning process every year.

If nominated, invited, and chosen as a senior executive board member, you will have the opportunity to benchmark, learn, and lead within our community and throughout your organization.

View The BPI Senior Executive Experience, including an interview with John Nelson: